Hexbug Spider Desk Toy  (each) - Assorted Colors

Hexbug Spider Desk Toy (each) - Assorted Colors

Regular price: $29.99

You'll never get any work done with Hexbug Spider Desk Toy
Hexbug is a remote controlled micro-creature toy robot inspired by BEAM technology. Hexbug has a few simple behaviors. Once switched on, Hexbug will move forward with a classic alternating tripod gait. If an obstruction touches either of the antennae, or if it detects a loud sound it will back up to the left and then continue forward. The name Hexbug, however, has more to do with the shape of the packaging it is sold in than the number of legs it has. The spider series has six legs and can rotate 360 and advance in that direction. Batteries included. 3.7 x 3.9 x 3.9 inches. (#9A131) A ComputerGear exclusive. Item in stock unless noted above.

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