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NASA Temp Reg Blanket White Comfort fits Dorm Twin XL

NASA Temp Reg Blanket White Comfort fits Dorm Twin XL

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Sleep better with NASA Temperature Regulating Cotton Blanket White
We had to "sleep on it" to believe this NASA Temperature Regulating Cotton Blanket really worked! Using patented OutlastŪ technology developed for NASA space travel, this NASA blanket absorbs, stores, and releases heat to prevent chills or overheating resulting in a more restorative sleep pattern. Here's how it works: millions of invisible micro-capsules woven into the fabric actually absorb excess heat when you're hot and release the stored heat when you are cold, ensuring a comfortable temperature and humidity. Since it adjusts to each sleeper's individual micro-climate, it's the perfect solution for couples and their varying body temperatures. No more throwing the covers off and on when you get a menopause hot flash (some people are calling it the menopause blanket) or if your partner sleeps hot, throws the covers on you and then you wake up too hot. Blanket helps elderly and diabetic regulate body temperature and sleep better. Blanket lets you save energy and lower your heating bills when you turn down the thermostat at night, too. Soft and cozy 51/49 cotton/Outlast acrylic blend is machine-washable, naturally antibacterial and odor resistant. Will not mat or pill. Light-weight blanket perfect for warmer climates or summer months when our merino wool/acrylic blend NASA Temperature Regulating Blanket is too heavy. White; also available in other colors. Twin blanket measures 66"W x 96"L, full/queen 90"W x 96"L, and king 108"W x 96"L. (#9A118) We put one on every bed at our beach house. Makes a thoughtful wedding, anniversary or housewarming gift for yourself, family and friends. You and yours deserve to get a good night's sleep - a dream blanket! A ComputerGear exclusive. Item in stock unless noted above.

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