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T-shirt Grab Bag - CLEARANCE
Star Wars The Force Awakens Kylo Ren Force FX Deluxe Lightsaber Replica
Star Wars Boba Fett Ceramic Beer Stein
Star Wars Darth Vader Ceramic Beer Stein
Star Wars R2D2 Ceramic Beer Stein
Star Wars Imperial Tie - FLASH SALE
Ben Franklin Beer Quote T-shirt - CLEARANCE
Failure is Not an Option T-shirt - CLEARANCE
So Many Beers So Little Time T-shirt - CLEARANCE
Think T-shirt - Back to School SALE
Try Try Again T-shirt - Back to School SALE
Intellect Inside T-shirt - Back to School SALE
Hypotrochoid Art Set - Back to School SALE
Real Bug Discover Science Kit - SALE
Gemstone Discover Science Kit - SALE
First American Space Walk T-shirt - SALE
Mega Shark Teeth Science Kit - Shark Week SALE
Dolphin Fun Youth T-shirt - SALE
Mining Science Kit Set (1 each) - SALE
Mining For Fossils Science Kit - SALE
Mining for Gems Science Kit - SALE
Root Vue Science Kit - CLEARANCE
NASA Earth Ball w/Glow-in-the-Dark Cities - SALE
Dinosaur Poop Fossil - CLEARANCE
Sharks Teeth Fossil Rock Collection - Shark Week Special
Dinosaur Poop Shark Teeth Fossil Set (1 each) - CLEARANCE
Star Wars Furbacca Chewbacca Furby - SALE
Pi in the Sky T-shirt - CLEARANCE
Vam-pi-re T-shirt - CLEARANCE
All American Pi T-shirt - 4th of July SALE
What Part of Pi? T-shirt - SALE
Piano Keyboard Calculator - Back to School SALE
Star Wars The Force Awakens Cast T-shirt - BELOW COST
Star Trek 50th Anniversary Original Crew T-shirt - SALE
Star Trek 50th Anniversary USS Enterprise Blueprints T-shirt - CLEARANCE
Engine-er Place Setting
Sterling Silver DNA Double Helix Earrings Necklace Set
$25 Value Surprise Box
$50 Value Surprise Box
$100 Value Surprise Box
Ruby Throat Hummingbird Earrings Necklace Set
Kinetic Gear Earrings Necklace Set
Golden Mean Earrings Necklace Set
Treble Clef Earrings Necklace Set
Science & Math Challenge Book Set (3) - Back to School SALE
Genius of Design DVD Set (2) - CLEARANCE
Story of Math Science of Measurement DVD Set (1 each) - CLEARANCE
The Story of Math DVD Set - CLEARANCE
Science of Measurement DVD - CLEARANCE
Presuppositionless T-shirt - SALE
Conscious Of My Conscience T-shirt - CLEARANCE
Good Punctuation T-shirt - 5 LEFT!
Apple A Day T-shirt - CLEARANCE
Beatings Will Continue T-shirt - CLEARANCE
Zombie State T-shirt - Back to School SALE
World's Greatest Pilot T-shirt - CLEARANCE
Doctor Who Tardis 8GB USB Drive Key Chain - CLEARANCE
Einstein 8GB USB Drive - Back to School SALE
Star Wars Gold-plated Rebel Alliance Earrings - CLEARANCE
I'd Rather be Flying T-shirt - CLEARANCE
Star Wars Legendary Jedi Master Yoda - 1 LEFT!
Bill's Shirt T-shirt - CLEARANCE
Starry Night T-shirt - CLEARANCE
I Love Pi T-shirt - CLEARANCE
Young in Heart Birthday T-shirt - CLEARANCE
I Logged Out T-shirt - CLEARANCE
Zombie Road T-shirt - CLEARANCE
Beer Won't Do T-shirt - CLEARANCE
Pumpkin Pi Youth T-shirt - CLEARANCE
Starry Night Ladies T-shirt - CLEARANCE
How to Kill Zombie T-shirt - CLEARANCE
Genius Element T-shirt - Back to School SALE
I Read Books T-shirt - Back to School SALE
Closed Minds Closed Mouths T-shirt - CLEARANCE
Drink Beer Periodically T-shirt - CLEARANCE
Clear Conscience T-shirt - CLEARANCE
Notoriously Infamous T-shirt - CLEARANCE
Celebrate Pi Day 2016 T-shirt - CLEARANCE
Headphones T-shirt - CLEARANCE
Wine Flowchart T-shirt - 2 LEFT!
Wine More Than Periodically T-shirt - CLEARANCE
Grape Minds Drink Alike T-shirt - CLEARANCE
Doctor Who The 12th Doctor T-shirt - CLEARANCE
Pewter Mathematical Pi Earrings - CLEARANCE
Engine-er Place Setting
V=IR It's Current Law T-shirt - SALE
Hand Tool Pens Set (4) - CLEARANCE
Women's Genius Socks (2 pair) - Back to School SALE
Men's Genius Math Socks (2 pair) - Back to School SALE
Biohazard Symbol Earrings - SALE
T-Rex Dinosaur Excavation Kit Set (3) - SALE
Velociraptor Dinosaur Excavation Kit Set (3) - SALE
Dinosaur Excavation Kit Set (1 each of 6)
Dolphin Pearl Earrings - SALE
Manatee T-shirt - SALE
Turtle Beach Youth T-shirt - SALE
American Eagle Nature T-shirt - 4th of July SALE
Root Vue Refill - CLEARANCE
Great Horned Owl T-shirt - SALE
Blue Peacock Ladies T-shirt - SALE
Heavy Metal T-shirt - CLEARANCE
Bewitched Amber Ale Refill - SALE
Solar System Space Adult T-shirt - SALE
Solar System Space Youth T-shirt - SALE
Great Minds Puzzle Set - SALE
What Part of Math T-shirt - SALE
Alcohol and Calculus T-shirt - SALE
Statistics Math Science T-shirt - CLEARANCE
Seen This Woman? (Mona Lisa) T-shirt - SALE
Big Bang Theory Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock T-shirt - CLEARANCE
Hobbit and Company T-shirt - SALE
Terminator Poster T-shirt - SALE
Firefly Sudden Betrayal T-shirt - SALE
David Bowie Labyrinth T-shirt - CLEARANCE
X-Files Mulder and Scully T-shirt - SALE
Doctor Who Van Gogh Pandoric Opens T-shirt - SALE
Doctor Who Who Was Your Doctor T-shirt - SALE
Doctor Who 12th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver - SALE
Doctor Who 50 Years, 11 Doctors T-shirt - CLEARANCE
Star Wars Stainless Jedi Order Earrings - CLEARANCE
Star Wars Retro Millennium Falcon T-shirt - SALE
Star Wars Darth Vader See No Evil T-shirt - SALE
Star Wars Trooper Collage T-shirt - SALE
Star Wars Skateboard Chewie T-shirt - SALE
Old Geeks Rule Funny T-shirt - CLEARANCE
If I Agreed With You We'd Both Be Wrong Funny T-shirt - SALE
MOM's Favorite Infant Creeper - CLEARANCE
MOM's Favorite Youth T-shirt - CLEARANCE
Non Sequitur T-shirt - SALE
Pi a la Mode T-shirt - CLEARANCE
Hewitson Hairstreak Butterfly Earrings - SALE
Monty Python Silly Walks Watch - Graduation SALE
Star Trek 50th Anniversary The Final Frontier T-shirt - SALE
Doctor Who Disappearing Tardis Mug - CLEARANCE
Octopi T-shirt - CLEARANCE
Keep Calm and Teach on T-shirt - SALE
I'll Do the Math T-shirt - Back to School SALE
PMS 50 Shades of Grey T-shirt - CLEARANCE
Grumpy Cat No T-shirt - CLEARANCE
Evolution of Authority Ladies T-shirt - SALE
Wear Stilettos Ladies T-shirt - SALE
Garden of Sunflowers Tunic - CLEARANCE
Today's Forecast T-shirt - 2 LEFT!
History of Art Youth T-shirt - CLEARANCE
Dog is Love T-shirt - SALE
Radioactive Symbol Hoodie Sweatshirt - CLEARANCE
Back to the Future Marty McFly Hat - CLEARANCE
NASA Temp Reg Blanket White - Twin Fits XL Dorm beds - Back to Campus SALE
NASA Temp Reg Blanket Oyster - Twin Fits XL Dorm beds - Back to Campus SALE
NASA Temp Reg Blanket Green - Twin Fits XL Dorm beds - Back to Campus SALE
NASA Temp Reg Blanket Blue - Twin Fits XL Dorm beds - Back to Campus SALE

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