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Pigs Fly Magnetic Necklace Set - 2 LEFT!
Radioactive Symbol Earrings - CLEARANCE
Sterling Think Necklace - CLEARANCE
Mini Harmonica Necklace - CLEARANCE
Keep Calm Drink Wine T-shirt - SALE
Aspire Pi T-shirt - Clearance
Hukt on fonix Funny T-shirt
Finely Aged T-shirt - CLEARANCE
Super Pi T-shirt - CLEARANCE
Pi in the Sky T-shirt - CLEARANCE
Beam Me Up T-shirt - CLEARANCE
Thermal Bolt Nut Cup Mug - CLEARANCE
Pantone 50 Shades of Grey T-shirt - 4 LEFT!
Goldie Blox Science Kit Set (1 each of 3)
No I Will Not Fix Your Computer Sign - 3 LEFT!
Engine-er Place Setting
Hexbug Spider Set (one each color) - SAVE $10
Sterling Silver DNA Double Helix Earrings Necklace Set
Star Trek Communicator Phaser Replica Set
T-shirt Grab Bag
$25 Value Surprise Box
$50 Value Surprise Box
$100 Value Surprise Box
EZ Eyes Large Print Keyboard - As Seen on TV
Rainbow 5-in-1 Adapter Cables (Set of 2)
Star Wars R2D2 C3PO USB Drive Set
XL Strandbeast Set (2)
Ruby Throat Hummingbird Earrings Necklace Set
Science Kit Set (1 each of 3)
Story of Math Science of Measurement DVD Set (1 each) - Summer Special
PBS Explorer Collection - Stargazing DVD Set - 5 LEFT!
Kinetic Gear Earrings Necklace Set
Golden Mean Earrings Necklace Set
Treble Clef Earrings Necklace Set
Color Wheel Watch - SALE
Uranus Science Space T-shirt - SALE
Keyboard Scarf and Glove Set - CLEARANCE
Sea Monsters Science Kit - SALE
Staff (Music) T-shirt - CLEARANCE
Science & Math Challenge Book Set (3) - SALE
Big Bang Theory Bazinga Logo T-shirt - 1 LEFT!
Big Bang Theory Friendship Algorithm T-shirt - CLEARANCE
Hobbit Movie Battle of Five Armies Poster T-shirt - CLEARANCE
Zombie See Speak Hear No Evil Toppers - CLEARANCE
Zombie See No Evil T-shirt - 4 LEFT!
Keep Calm Phasers T-shirt - CLEARANCE
Sons of Anarchy Reaper T-shirt - CLEARANCE
Einstein's Theory of Reel-a-tivity Fishing Funny Tshirt - CLEARANCE
Doctor Who Vote No on Dalek T-shirt - CLEARANCE
Doctor Who Keep Calm Blink T-shirt - CLEARANCE
Book Woman Earrings - CLEARANCE
Temp Out Of My Mind Funny T-shirt - CLEARANCE
Bow Wow Dogs Ladies T-shirt - CLEARANCE
Meow Meow Cats Ladies T-shirt - CLEARANCE
Coffee Ladies T-shirt - SALE
Dog Person T-shirt - CLEARANCE
Teachers Make the Grade T-shirt - SALE
I Speak Geek T-shirt - SALE
Pigs Fly Sign - 6 LEFT!
Play Piano in a Flash DVD Set (12) - CLEARANCE
Learn to Play Electric Guitar DVD Set (12) - CLEARANCE
Doctor Who Tardis USB Hub - CLEARANCE
Monty Python Trebuchet Science Kit - CLEARANCE
Classroom Rocks and Minerals Collection - CLEARANCE
USB Wrist Drive 4G - CLEARANCE
USB Wrist Drive 4GB (set of 2) - CLEARANCE
Chick with Brains Ladies 3/4 Sleeve T-shirt - CLEARANCE
Scrolling LED Light Message T-shirt - CLEARANCE
Scrolling LED Light Message Scroll Cap Hat - CLEARANCE
Starfish Earrings - CLEARANCE
Pewter Cat Earrings - CLEARANCE
Pewter Cat Earrings Necklace Set - CLEARANCE
Pewter Owl Earrings - CLEARANCE
Pewter Cat Necklace - CLEARANCE
Pewter Owl Necklace - CLEARANCE
Pewter Owl Earrings Necklace Set - CLEARANCE
Tree of Life iPhone 5 Case - CLEARANCE
Pigs Fly Doll - CLEARANCE
Hobbit Tauriel POP Figure - CLEARANCE
Blue Lagoon Necklace - CLEARANCE
Dragon Earrings - CLEARANCE
Sterling Silver Infinity Earrings - CLEARANCE
Blue Lagoon Earrings - CLEARANCE
Engineer Gear Bowl - CLEARANCE
Piano Keyboard Necklace -CLEARANCE
The Walking Dead Injured Daryl POP - CLEARANCE
Piano Keyboard Earrings - CLEARANCE
Piano Earrings Necklace Set - CLEARANCE
Inspirational Key Set - CLEARANCE
The Walking Dead Prison Guard Zombie POP - CLEARANCE
The Walking Dead Merle Dixon POP Vinyl Figure - CLEARANCE
Blue Lagoon Earrings Necklace Set - CLEARANCE
7-in-1 Solar Rechargeable Space Fleet Robot Kit - CLEARANCE
Beer Holder T-shirt - CLEARANCE
Fringe Butterfly Glyph T-shirt - CLEARANCE
Doctor Who Tally Marks T-shirt - 2 LEFT!
Big Bang Theory Bazinga T-shirt - CLEARANCE
Hobbit Logo T-shirt - CLEARANCE
Doctor Who Exterminate Delete Christmas T-shirt - CLEARANCE
Cat Trax Adult T-shirt - CLEARANCE
Varsity Calculus Math T-shirt - 2 LEFT!
Consume Less T-shirt - 1 LEFT!
Genius of Design DVD Set (2) - Summer Special
Science of Measurement DVD - Summer Special
The Story of Math DVD Set - Summer Special
Story of Math Science of Measurement DVD Set (1 each) - Summer Special
Star Trek Original Series Crew T-shirt - CLEARANCE
Math Wizard T-shirt - 3 LEFT!
Bones Adult Anatomy Science T-shirt - 1 LEFT!
Bones Adult Anatomy Science T-shirt - 1 LEFT!
Star Wars Stormtrooper Polo Shirt - 1 LEFT!
Star Trek Next Generation Crew T-shirt - 2 left!
Doctor Who Dalek Tumbler Set (5) - 2 LEFT!
Wolf T-shirt - CLEARANCE
Science is Awesome Adult T-shirt - CLEARANCE
Life Easier Source Code Computer T-shirt - CLEARANCE
Tiger T-shirt - CLEARANCE
Got Math? T-shirt - 2 LEFT!
Star Wars Darth Vader Polo Shirt - Sold out
T-shirt Error T-shirt - CLEARANCE
Insufficient Memory Polo Shirt - 2 LEFT!
Program Definition T-shirt - 1 LEFT!
Computer Doctor Computer T-shirt - 2 LEFT!
Random Numbers T-shirt - 2 LEFT!
Keyboard Cat Moon T-shirt - 1 LEFT!
Edison 10,000 Ways T-shirt - CLEARANCE
Seen It All T-shirt - CLEARANCE
Come to the Dark Side T-shirt - CLEARANCE
Octopi T-shirt - 2 LEFT!
Blue Flame Skull T-shirt - 2 LEFT
Edison Genius T-shirt - 1 LEFT!
Peaceful Butterflies T-shirt - CLEARANCE
Occams Razor T-shirt - CLEARANCE
Lots of Data Funny T-shirt - 2 LEFT!
Keep Calm Play On T-shirt - CLEARANCE
Big Bang Theory Keep Calm Bazinga T-shirt - 1 LEFT!
Space Station T-shirt - 2 LEFT!
Typo Errorists Win T-shirt - 2 LEFT!
Wake Me Up T-shirt - 2 LEFT!
Wake Me Up T-shirt - 2 LEFT!
Area 51 T-shirt - 2 LEFT!
Repeating Redundancies T-shirt - 4 LEFT!
Gravestone Reaper T-shirt - 3 LEFT!
I Heart My Geek T-shirt - CLEARANCE
Math Counts T-shirt - CLEARANCE
Paradigm T-shirt - CLEARANCE
Cat Trax Youth T-shirt - CLEARANCE
Wizard Get You a Brain? T-shirt - CLEARANCE
Science is Awesome Youth T-shirt - 2 LEFT!
Keep Calm and Trek On T-shirt - CLEARANCE
Band Geek T-shirt - CLEARANCE
Oh - Surprise Element T-shirt - 4 LEFT!
Geometry Plane Fun T-shirt - CLEARANCE
Remove Before Flight T-shirt - 2 LEFT!
Most Important Thing T-shirt - 2 LEFT!
Hobbit T-shirt - 1 LEFT!
Fine Line T-shirt - 3 LEFT!
Star Trek Deep Space Nine Crew T-shirt - 1 LEFT!
Godzilla Rising T-shirt - CLEARANCE
Doctor Who Remote Control Flying Tardis - CLEARANCE
What Part of Wavelength? T-shirt - 3 LEFT!
Ctrl Z T-shirt - 4 LEFT!
Gradution Gift Typos Happem T-shirt - CLEARANCE
Hobbit Golden Chamber T-shirt - 2 LEFT!
Godzilla Scream T-shirt - CLEARANCE
Ubergeek Polo Shirt - 1 LEFT!
Star Trek Voyager Crew T-shirt - 2 LEFT!
StumbleUpon T-shirt - CLEARANCE
Hobbit Smaug Dragon T-shirt - 1 LEFT!
Collectible Doctor Who 11 Doctors Action Figure Set - CLEARANCE
Star Trek Enterprise Crew Tshirt - 3 LEFT!
#000000 T-Shirt - 5 LEFT!
Doctor Who Tenant Collage T-shirt - 1 LEFT!
Doctor Who Comic Doctor T-shirt - 1 LEFT!
Breakthrough Skull T-shirt - 2 LEFT!
Blue Peacock Sharktail Hem Tunic - CLEARANCE
Skull See No Evil T-shirt - CLEARANCE
Battlestar Galactica Phoenix Crest Galaxy T-shirt - CLEARANCE
Authentic Scientist T-shirt - CLEARANCE
Beer Tasting T-shirt - 1 LEFT!
Star Wars Darth Vader Kigurumi - 1 LEFT
Treble Clef Polo Shirt - 1 LEFT!
Matter Matters Physics T-shirt - CLEARANCE
Keep Calm Drink Beer T-shirt - 3 LEFT!
Wine Tasting T-shirt - CLEARANCE
Dr. Who Whovian with Dalek T-shirt - 4 LEFT!
Keep Calm Use the Force T-shirt - CLEARANCE
Dr. Who Haynes Manual Dalek T-shirt - 2 LEFT!
Intersection T-shirt - 3 LEFT!
Beauty in Eye of Beer Holder T-shirt - CLEARANCE
Dr. Who Roman Numeral 12th Doctor T-shirt - 4 LEFT!
Dr. Who Official 12th Time Lord T-shirt - CLEARANCE
Owl Midnight Moon T-shirt - CLEARANCE
Butterfly Forest Ladies T-shirt - 4 LEFT!
Super Grandpa Polo Shirt - 3 LEFT!
Super Dad Polo Shirt - 2 LEFT!
Super Dad T-shirt - 4 LEFT!

Weekly Specials

Star Wars Jedi Cotton Hooded Bath Robe - Special Purchase
Regular price: $99.99
Sale price: $84.99

Engine-er Place Setting
Regular price: $69.99
Sale price: $59.99

Hukt on fonix Funny T-shirt
Regular price: $19.99
Sale price: $9.99

Teachers Make the Grade T-shirt - SALE
Regular price: $19.99
Sale price: $9.99

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