Kids of all ages love to learn with these fun science fair projects and activity sets -- everything from simple gears to robots -- to fit your budget.

Magic Rocks Science Kit (1)
Desktop Plasma Ball
Original Live Butterfly Garden
Euler's Disk Spinning Desk Toy
Art Ball Puzzle
Hypotrochoid Art Set - Graduation Gift SALE
Kinetic Energy Motion Desk Toy
3D Mirror Scope Illusion Creator
Meteorite Sample
Crystal Growing Kit
Weather Station Science Kit - BEST SELLER
Hand Bubbler
Drinking Bird
Internal Combustion Engine Model Kit
Kingii Dragon Robot Science Kit
4D Shark Model
Owl Puke Science Kit
Science Lab Cookie Cutter Set (4)
T-Rex Dinosaur Excavation Kit Set (3) - SALE
Velociraptor Dinosaur Excavation Kit Set (3) - SALE
Dinosaur Excavation Kit Set (1 each of 6)
Mining for Gems Science Kit - SALE
Mining For Fossils Science Kit - SALE
Mining Science Kit Set (1 each) - SALE
14-in-1 Solar Robot Kit
Proto X Nano Drone Quadcopter - BEST SELLER
Proto X Nano Drone Quadcopter Replacement Propeller Blades (16)
Ultimate Geodes 20 Piece Kit
Solar System Plate Set
Mega Shark Teeth Science Kit - Shark Week SALE
Dinosaur Poop Shark Teeth Fossil Set (1 each) - CLEARANCE
Snap Circuits Pro
Snap Circuits Junior
Snap Circuits 300
Root Vue Science Kit - CLEARANCE
Root Vue Refill - CLEARANCE
Molecular Cuisine Food Science Kit
Gemstone Discover Science Kit - SALE
Real Bug Discover Science Kit - SALE
Glow in the Dark Dinosaur DNA Excavation Kit Set (1 each of 3)
Solar Powered Swarovski Crystal Rainbow Maker
Simple Machines Construction Set
Levers & Linkages Construction Set
Wheels, Axles & Inclined Planes Construction Set
Pulley Drives Construction Set
Cams & Cranks Construction Set
Gears & Worm Drives Construction Set
Buildings & Bridges Construction Set
Newton's Laws Construction Set
Rearview Mirror (Set of 2) - Sold out
Lego Mindstorms NXT Robot Kit - Sold out
Tin Can Robot Science Kit - Sold out
Science Kit Set (1 each of 3) - Sold out
Soap Rocks Set - Sold out
6" Plasma Ball - Sold out
Magnet Science Kit - Sold out
Kitchen Science Kit - Sold out

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