Kids of all ages love to learn with these fun science fair projects and activity sets -- everything from simple gears to robots -- to fit your budget.

Magic Rocks Science Kit (1)
Desktop Plasma Ball
Original Live Butterfly Garden
Euler's Disk Spinning Desk Toy
Art Ball Puzzle
Hypotrochoid Art Set - Back to School SALE
Kinetic Energy Motion Desk Toy
3D Mirror Scope Illusion Creator
Meteorite Sample
Crystal Growing Kit
Weather Station Science Kit - BEST SELLER
Hand Bubbler
Drinking Bird
Internal Combustion Engine Model Kit
Kingii Dragon Robot Science Kit
Shark Week 4D Shark Model
Owl Puke Science Kit
Science Lab Cookie Cutter Set (4)
T-Rex Dinosaur Excavation Kit Set (3) - SALE
Velociraptor Dinosaur Excavation Kit Set (3) - SALE
Dinosaur Excavation Kit Set (1 each of 6)
Mining for Gems Science Kit - SALE
Mining For Fossils Science Kit - SALE
Mining Science Kit Set (1 each) - SALE
14-in-1 Solar Robot Kit
Proto X Nano Drone Quadcopter - BEST SELLER
Proto X Nano Drone Quadcopter Replacement Propeller Blades (16)
Ultimate Geodes 20 Piece Kit
Solar System Plate Set
Mega Shark Teeth Science Kit - Shark Week SALE
Dinosaur Poop Shark Teeth Fossil Set (1 each) - CLEARANCE
Snap Circuits Pro
Snap Circuits Junior
Snap Circuits 300
Root Vue Science Kit - CLEARANCE
Root Vue Refill - CLEARANCE
Molecular Cuisine Food Science Kit
Gemstone Discover Science Kit - SALE
Real Bug Discover Science Kit - SALE
Glow in the Dark Dinosaur DNA Excavation Kit Set (1 each of 3)
Solar Powered Swarovski Crystal Rainbow Maker
Simple Machines Construction Set
Levers & Linkages Construction Set
Wheels, Axles & Inclined Planes Construction Set
Pulley Drives Construction Set
Cams & Cranks Construction Set
Gears & Worm Drives Construction Set
Buildings & Bridges Construction Set
Newton's Laws Construction Set
Rearview Mirror (Set of 2) - Sold out
Lego Mindstorms NXT Robot Kit - Sold out
Tin Can Robot Science Kit - Sold out
Science Kit Set (1 each of 3) - Sold out
Soap Rocks Set - Sold out
6" Plasma Ball - Sold out
Magnet Science Kit - Sold out
Kitchen Science Kit - Sold out

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