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I Might Look Stationary But Traveling at 733 MPH T-shirt

I Might Look Stationary But Traveling at 733 MPH T-shirt

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Make 'em think with 733 MPH T-shirt
733 MPH T-shirt reminds us all that we are never actually still, we're traveling on spaceship Earth at the rate of 733 MPH. Thank you gravity! And yes, the International Space Station travels with the rotation of the Earth, only at a faster pace 17,000 MPH. Why? Since the ISS is much less massive than the earth, its orbital velocity is determined mostly by the height at which its orbiting. This means that if you launch another object up to the same height, it will orbit at a similar speed. If it's not obvious to you that orbital motion is an example of free-fall under the influence of gravity, you might want to check out Isaac Newton's famous thought experiment: Newton's cannonball. Black 100% cotton T-shirt. Questions about sizes? (#1A770) A ComputerGear exclusive. Item in stock unless noted above.

Can you spot the ISS?

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