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Stocking Stuffer Solar System Planet Lollipops Set (10)

Stocking Stuffer Solar System Planet Lollipops Set (10)

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Yummy planet lollipops
Fun flavored Solar System Planet Lollipop Candy Suckers set molded to look like the planets. Flavor guide: Sun - marshmallow, Mercury - tropical punch, Mars - pear, Venus - cherry, Earth - cotton candy, Jupiter - key lime, Saturn -guava, Uranus - blackberry, Neptune - mango, Pluto - strawberry kiwi. Ingredients: sugar, isomalt and corn syrup solids. Handmade in USA; Sold as a set of 10. Allergen alert: contains soy. Makes an unique gift, Valentine's Day gift, Easter basket stuffer, Halloween candy, birthday party favor or holiday stocking stuffer. (#7512)

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