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Snacks Moon Cheese Variety Pack (1 each)

Snacks Moon Cheese Variety Pack (1 each)

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NASA technology Cheddar Pepper Jack Gouda Moon Cheese Assortment
Originally developed for the early Apollo Space missions, freeze drying is a three step process. First real cheese is packaged in a special foil pouch, placed in a vacuum chamber and frozen. Then low heat is applied and the vacuum chamber is pressurized, vaporizing the ice directly from a solid to a gas. This process results in crunchy nutritious freeze-dried cheese snack balls. Moon cheese variety pack made in USA. Each 2 oz. package ready for snacking; No refrigeration required; gluten-free, all natural. Sold as a set 1 each moon cheese flavor: cheddar cheese, pepper jack cheese and gouda cheese. Perfect for Super Bowl game day party snacks, birthday party, Halloween party, office potluck party and more. (#7516) A ComputerGear exclusive. Buy 2 sets, they go fast!

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