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Swinging Sticks Engineer Science Kinetic Desktop Toy

Swinging Sticks Engineer Science Kinetic Desktop Toy

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Swinging Sticks Engineer Science Kinetic Desktop Toy appears to defy gravity
These Kinetic Swinging Sticks are just like the ones seen on Pepper Pott's desk in the movie Iron Man 2, only these are the smaller version! Beware of poor quality copies claiming to be the original. This unique item is a high quality, museum grade decorative art object. Individually hand made in a precision process, each piece is custom.

Swinging, flowing, noiselessly circling in perpetual motion, they seem to defy gravity. The sticks circle fluidly and create a relaxing and almost hypnotic effect. The arms seem to rotate in contradiction to the laws of physics, changing directions and speed for no apparent reason. To the eye, the design is sleek, beautiful and deceptively simple. In reality, they are extremely difficult to build and are constructed by a few highly trained workers to exacting specifications.

They are ideal for settings such as homes, entry ways, offices, conference rooms or waiting rooms where they will provide relaxing entertainment and be the center of attention. 16.25" x 10.5" x 3.8". Requires 2AA batteries, included. (#8713) Item in stock unless noted above.

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