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NASA Apollo 11 Saturn V Rocket Model Kit Ages 14+

NASA Apollo 11 Saturn V Rocket Model Kit Ages 14+

Regular price: $299.99

Relive NASA Apollo 11 Moon Landing mission with Saturn V Rocket Model Kit
Follow the Apollo 11 Moon landing mission with this amazing 4D cutaway 1:100 scale Saturn V Rocket model kit that features transparent sides for seeing internal structures. When museum quality replica assembled, rocket stages can be separated as the mission unfolds -- first stage (S-IC with F-1 engines), second stage (S-II with J-2 engines ), third stage (S-IVB), lunar module, service module and command module. Easy snap together puzzle assembly, no glue or paint required. 180 pieces; display stand included. Massive 43 1/2T when completed! Commemorative gift box. Ages 14+.A must have for your favorite astronaut! (#8734) A ComputerGear exclusive. Item in stock unless noted above.

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