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Haynes V8 Engine Model Kit

Haynes V8 Engine Model Kit

Regular price: $69.99

Learn all there is to know about a V8 engine by making one yourself
Following the illustrated instructions, piece together the 250 pieces to build a real working model of a V8 engine, complete with all the basic moving parts.

Read through the booklet for detailed lessons on how the engine works. Learn all bout the four-stroke cycle, fuel injection, ignition, why an engine needs oil, and more.

Then, while you're reading, press the start button, listen to the pre-recorded engine sounds, and see it all happening right before your eyes with a machine that YOU made!

See the spark plugs light up, the pistons move down and up, the camshaft opening the valves, and the crankshaft turning the belt which spins the fan.

It's a fascinating activity that's both fun to build and immensely enlightening!

Great for teaching lessons in the garage, a fun father-son Fathers Day project, or just a cool display in the man-cave, the Haynes V8 Engine inspires a roar of educational fun for anyone.

  • Haynes V8 Engine
  • Working model of a V8 engine that you build yourself
  • Encourages fine motor skills, logic, an interest in technology and engineering
  • Enlightening lesson and fun project for kids and adults alike
  • Features all basic moving parts of a real working engine
  • Clear outer parts - easy to see inner parts moving
  • Spark plug lights light up - shows how combustion powers engine
  • Booklet features lesson on how the engine works
  • Teaches in detail the 4-stroke cycle, ignition, fuel injection, emission-control, engine management systems, engine oil, and more
  • Sound chip in base reproduces noise of engine starting and running
  • Includes over 250 parts, electric motor, all needed tools
  • Detailed instructions included
  • Requires 3 AA batteries - not included
  • Durable construction with strong materials

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