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Star Trek Communicator Phaser Replica Set- TEMP OUT OF STOCK

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Star Trek Communicator Phaser Replica Set- TEMP OUT OF STOCK
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Star Trek Original Series Communicator and Black Handled Phaser Replica Set

You'll be ready for adventure with this full-scale replica set. Communicator features 20 authentic voice clips, light and sound effects, famous flip-open design and plastic grill from ground-breaking Sci-fi series. Phaser with detachable mini hand phaser features realistic beam lights, sound effects and adjustable power settings. Both include replaceable AAA batteries. Item in stock unless noted above. A ComputerGear exclusive.

Communicator Just like the prop from the original series, only better! With sound effects and clips from the ground-breaking Sci-fi series, this collectible features pop-open design and plastic grill. Don't get caught on your next away mission without one of these handy lifesavers. Features include:

  • Beeping sounds and 9 phrases from the TV show, "Enterprise, this is Kirk" (Captain Kirk), "Spock here, Captain" (Spock), "Bridge here, Captain", "Transporter room ready to beam up", "Bridge, this is the captain" (Captain Kirk), "Enterprise to Mr. Spock", "Captain, shall I beam down an armed party? (Spock plays during call-back mode only), "Scotty here, Captain" (Scotty).
  • Can be configured to "call you back" -- "Enterprise, this is Kirk".
  • Includes 2AAA replaceable batteries.
  • To play all the sayings from Kirk, Spock, Scotty and Uhura just press and hold the button under the blue light for 3 seconds. To be hailed by the Enterprise, hold down the button under the red light for 5 seconds, and quickly close the communicator. A few seconds later, your communicator will start to beep and once you open it, Spock will ask if he can beam down an armed party.

    Phaser A must have for all serious trekkers -- an authentic Star Trek Classic Phaer with detachable mini hand phaser! Features include:

  • Adjustable lights and sounds
  • Authentically licensed Star Trek series weapon
  • Type-1 mini hand phaser separates from the Type-2 pistol
  • For maximum authenticity, it's a full-scale reproduction modeled after the initial Star Trek prop
  • Realistic beam lights, sound effects and adjustable power settings
  • Awesome replica, you need one and so do all of your treckie friends. But remember, always treat phasers as if they were fully loaded with nadions -- it's fun until someone puts and eye out!

    To activate, you MUST REMOVE THE PLASTIC DISPLAY TAB and turn on the hand phaser. (This is done by clicking the far right dial forward toward the front of the pistol.) To trigger the lights, rotate the dial forward.

    Hear and see how Star Trek Communicator Phaser Replica Set works here!

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