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Drinking Bird STEM Toys Ages 8+
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Drinking Bird STEM Toys Ages 8+

Item # 9454
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Classic entertainment with Drinking Bird Science Kits for Kids

This classic Drinking Bird STEM Toys for 8+ year olds for girls and boys entertains for years! First get its head wet. As the water evaporates, fluid moves up into the head, causing the bird to become top-heavy and dip forward. Once the bird dips forward, fluid moves back into the abdomen, causing the bird to become bottom-heavy and tip up again. The temperature decrease in the head condenses the methylene chloride vapor in the body, decreasing the vapor pressure in the head relative to the vapor pressure in the abdomen forcing fluid through the neck into the head. Vapor bubbles travel through the tube and into the head. Liquid drains from the head, displaced by the bubbles. Fluid drains back into the abdomen, making the bird bottom-heavy and it tips back up again. If the bird dips into a cup of water, the fuzzy material absorbs water again and the cycle starts over. 7" tall. (#9454) A ComputerGear Exclusive. Item in stock unless noted above.
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