You can't go wrong with these best selling techie computer engineering math science T-shirt, gift and gadget ideas, all under $50.

Back to School Math Watch With Mathematical Expressions Unisex
Shark Week Shark Tank Child Youth Hoodie Shirt
Raptor Child Youth Hoodie Shirt
T-Rex Child Youth Hoodie Shirt
Silver Caliper Pen
Engineer/Evolution Engineer Book Set
Chick with Brains Nightshirt
Euler's Disk Spinning Desk Toy STEM Toys for 8+ year olds
Computer Frustration Polo Shirt
Golf Frustration Polo Shirt
Kinetic Winged Wood Gear Necklace
Math Equations Engineering Silk Men's Necktie Tie
Space-aged Gold Spiral Niobium Earrings
Underwater Scene Nighttime Dive T-shirt
Powers of 2 Binary LED Light Clock - BEST SELLER
NASA Logo Polo Shirt & NASA Logo Hat Set
Contractor Space Pen Tool
Sterling Silver DNA Double Helix Earrings CLEARANCE
$100 Value Surprise Box
$50.00 Gift Certificate
Internal Combustion Engine Kit STEM Toys
Hydraulic Robotic Arm Edge Kit STEM Toys for 10+ year olds
Kingii Dragon Robot Science Kit STEM Toys - BEST SELLER
Agate Coaster Set (4) CLEARANCE
Back to Campus Funny Bacon Lounge Pants Adult Men Women Pajamas Pant
Remote Control Proto X Nano Drone Quadcopter - BEST SELLER
Van Gogh Art Mug Set
Monet Art Mug Set
Game of Thrones Banner Set (Stark Lannister Targaryen)
NASA Jr Astronaut Suit Costume
Back to Campus Music Notes Flannel Robe For Women
Adult Unisex Masterpiece Art Starry Night Scream Sock Set CLEARANCE
Insect Bugs Science Fair Kit STEM Toy CLEARANCE
Jr Doctor Nurse Medical Technician Scrubs Costume
Back to School Music Tote Bag Purse Shopping Bag
Ultimate Collector's Spirograph Drawing Set
Einstein Science String Theory Earrings CLEARANCE
Optical Illusion Mc Escher Prints Puzzle Tessellation Earring CLEARANCE
Sterling Silver Fork Spoon Earrings CLEARANCE
Inventions Science Fair Kit STEM Toy - CLEARANCE
Charge Science Kit STEM Toy - CLEARANCE
Solar System Planet Lollipops Set (10)
Cells Science Fair Kit STEM Toy - CLEARANCE
Electricity Science Fair Kit STEM Toy - CLEARANCE
Back to Campus Math Pi Kitchen Towel Set Of 2
Get Well Soon Scrubs Singing Bear Stuffed Animal Toy Gift

Back to School

Back to School Star Trek Starfleet Academy T-shirt
Regular price: $21.99
Sale price: $9.99

Back to School Shark 3D Backpack Lunchbox Bottle Set
Regular price: $39.99

Life Would be Easier if You Could Mark People Spam T-shirt
Regular price: $19.99
Sale price: $9.99

Super Pi T-shirt
Regular price: $19.99
Sale price: $9.99

Caffeine Life Form T-shirt 4 LEFT
Regular price: $19.99
Sale price: $1.99

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