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Space-aged Gold Spiral Niobium Earrings

Space-aged Gold Spiral Niobium Earrings

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Space-aged Gold Spiral Niobium Earrings Woman Girls
These Gold Spiral Niobium Earrings will add a spring to your step! Earrings feature polished niobium and gold-filled ribbons "spiraling" from your ear piercings. Makes you happy just wearing them! Earrings made in USA; 1 3/4" long on gold-filled ear wires. (#4161) A ComputerGear exclusive. Item in stock unless noted above.

In its natural state Niobium looks like steel or when polished, like platinum. It resists corrosion, is a good shock absorber, and can withstand very high temperatures. Among its many industrial applications, niobium in small amounts is used in alloys. The presence of niobium makes hot-pressing dies and cutting tools resistant to shock and wear. Its conductivity makes it useful in electronic devices and superconductive magnets. If combined with nickel, it makes a high-temperature alloy; added with iron to stainless steel, it offers stability on welding or heating. Niobium is also used in high-strength structural steel. Nuclear reactor cores are constructed with niobium alloys because niobium does not react chemically with uranium and because it is resistant to corrosion. Niobium is a member of a small family of metals known as refractory metals. All the color you will see is purely refracted light; no dyes, colorings, or paints are used! The thickness of the oxide determines the color you see and allows us to express design in color and pattern. We use an electrochemical oxidation process (water and electricity) to control the oxide build-up and therefore control the color. Niobium is totally hypo-allergenic. This refractory element (along with Titanium) is frequently used in artificial joints, plates, pacemakers and dental implants.

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