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Valentine's Day Gift Grand Piano Music Box

Valentine's Day Gift Grand Piano Music Box

Regular price: $59.99

Grand Piano Music Box inspires
Grand Piano Music Box will enchant your favorite musician, music lover, or music box collector. Miniature instrument is beautifully crafted in solid wood, intricately detailed and with the wind of a key, plays Beethoven's classical masterpiece "Für Elise". Developed in the 18th century by skilled watchmakers, early music boxes used a clockwork device where a metal disk or cylinder was used in a "programming" function to produce sounds by means of plucking pins with a comb. Music boxes continue to fascinate us today. Finished in black high-gloss, grand piano is paired with a diminutive matching bench; approx. 7"L x 5" W x 4"H. (#9A325) A ComputerGear exclusive. Item in stock unless noted above.
Listen to the Music Box here!

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