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ComputerGear, Inc.
Terry Powers
(425) 883-9052 Redmond, WA – March 15, 2004 – “It’s about time I get with the times,” said Peter Rabbit, eggs-pert and Easter basket consultant for ComputerGear, Inc. “I’ve introduced a new Cyber Easter Basket filled to the brim with egg-actly what geeks and nerds prefer for Easter sweets and hi-tech foraging. I’m taking orders at and will deliver them Easter morning.” “Skip the marshmallow chicks, the crème filled chocolates and hollow chocolate Easter bunnies!” said Peter Rabbit. “Chocolate loving geeks and nerds crave solid milk Chocolate CD-ROM’s and Chocolate Floppy Disks each packaged in real computer jewel cases (3 for $19.99). And don’t forget a hand-made solid milk Chocolate Computer Mouse $9.99 wrapped in gold foil complete with a gold wire “tail” or a box of Chocolate Bytes $12.99, yummy melt-in-your mouth premium milk and white computer-shaped chocolates.” “And our research shows, programmers cannot live on chocolate alone,” said Peter Rabbit. “So we’ve put together a special Cyber Easter Basket filled to the brim with boxes of floppy disk-shaped CyberSpeak Candy printed with cyber words such as “e-mail me”, “click here” and “boot me up”, boxes of byte-sized lemon butter Computer Cookies, a mouse pad that pictures a mouth-watering box-o-chocolates, two chocolate CD’s, and some Skittles candy (recognized world-wide as real programmer’s food!) -- all handpicked and gift-wrapped in one of our super-sized computer-shaped boxes. The Cyber Easter Basket sells for $46.50. ComputerGear sells a wide range of gift items for computer enthusiasts through their mail order catalog and on-line since 1992. Computer Gear has loyal followings of those in the market for “geek chic” – from apparel and jewelry with computer motifs to novelty items. Lots of mouse pads, T-shirts, office décor, robots, kids stuff, computer humor books, computer snacks and more. Free gift with $50 purchase and free monthly e-newsletter filled with special values and offers. For more information or for a free catalog, call ComputerGear, Inc. at (800) 373-6353 or visit ######## Editor’s note: Digital images are available to meet individual press requirements.