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NASA Solar Eclipse Activity Guide with Free Experiment

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NASA Solar Eclipse Activity Guide with Free Experiment
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NASA 2017 Eclipse Activity Guide for parents and teachers

Turn a milestone event into a science experience with NASA 2017 Eclipse Activity Guide for teachers and parents. Although the booklet focuses on preparing for the Total Solar Eclipse August 21 2017 across America through the eyes of NASA, guide supports activities for learning about the sun, light, our solar system and eclipses for kids and adults year-round. Guide includes 14 experiments and is a treasure trove of information that includes references to books, articles about the sun, eclipses and the 2017 eclipse, useful websites, interdisciplinary sites and more. Each activity includes a materials list and what you need to obtain to do the activity. Guide includes diffraction grating slide for the spectroscope experiment that studies light and color. Mostly, the materials that you are asked to provide are the basics: paper, pens and pencils, cardboard boxes, aluminum foil, tape, etc. There are also activities that offer the opportunity to use smartphones and digital cameras as sensors. Extensive guide developed with NASA, Astronomical Society of the Pacific, Girl Scout Stars team at the SETI Institute, ARIES Scientific, University of Arizona, Aerojet Rocketdyne Foundation to name a few contributors. (#7999) A ComputerGear exclusive. Item in stock unless noted above.
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