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We'll give you a $25 gift certificate...If we use YOUR new product idea in our next catalog! Just email your product idea directly to Terry at and if we use it, we'll send you a $25 ComputerGear gift certificate. It's that simple!

Sorry, offer not available to manufacturer's reps and companies. If you are a manufacturer's representative or company wishing to submit new product, here's how to submit your product to our New Product Review Committee.

"First let me say I am overwhelmed that you thought my idea for the "Computer Wizard Hat" was worth $25. I am so pleased to receive something for what seemed to me to be so simple an idea. I was so surprised when my wife presented me with one. It is an outstanding hat. It looks great on me, especially when I wear it with the Computer Wizard jacket and T-shirt. I am so well decked out. When I go to a conference, I get asked about the jacket and shirt. Now I will get stopped about the jacket, shirt and hat. Maybe I should pass out catalogs? Thanks again for being so thoughtful." G. Smith

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