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See's who's behind you with Computer Rearview Rear View Mirror (2)

See's who's behind you with Computer Rearview Rear View Mirror (2)

Regular price: $19.99

You won't get caught with a Computer Rear View Mirror
You won't get caught eating, surfin’ the web or emailing friends with a Computer Rearview Mirror attached to the top right or left corner of your computer monitor. See who’s lurking behind you before they surprise (and startle!) you with this Computer Rear View Mirror. Sold as a set of two – one computer mirror for your work computer and the other computer monitor mirror for home! Although we mostly sell these to those at work looking for a computer rear view mirror to use at work as a rear view computer mirror. Mirrors arrive with a protective film covering; please remove before use. (#9132) A ComputerGear exclusive. Item in stock unless noted above.

Here's how to put your Rearview Mirror on your monitor!

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